Pete Hollaender, grandfather of the current President & CEO Rob Hollaender II, founded the company in 1930, which was officially incorporated in 1946. As a master plumber and inventor, Pete developed numerous products for which he held patents, including the first Aluminum Slip-On Pipe fitting. This product, for which he coined the name "Nu-Rail®" was the first of many product families developed over the next fifty years, including Speed-Rail®, Rackmaster®, Mend-A-Rail®, Speed-Rail II®, Interna-Rail® & Bumble Bee® Safety Rail.


Starting in 1947 and continuing for the next twelve years, Pete expanded his company's manufacturing operation, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. By 1958, he decided that to truly control the quality and price of the Hollaender® products, the company would need to produce their own castings. Within a year, Pete had acquired controlling interest in a local aluminum foundry. This operation was later relocated with many upgrades to the grounds of our current facility.


Under the direction of Pete's son, Bob Hollaender, Sr., a new manufacturing facility was built on property adjacent to the foundry. In 1993, the foundry was relocated to a new state of the art operation that was added to the existing manufacturing facility.


Bob Hollaender, Sr., served as President/CEO until 1990, at which time Robert P. Hollaender, II assumed the President's role. During the most challenging period in Hollaender® Manufacturing history, Rob, using the philosophies of World Class and Just in Time, and was able to position the company once again as the leader in innovation, quality and service for the industries which the company serves.


Today, Hollaender® stands as a vertically integrated manufacturer of aluminum fittings and fabricated systems. Castings are produced to each customer’s order in the Holco Foundry and machined/finished using a combination of time tested production techniques and new CNC equipment.


Bob Hollaender Sr. passed away in September of 1995, but as he said, "The Company is in good hands with the finest associates any organization could have. We are proud of our past and looking forward to the future…"